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Marianne Jørgensen

I was eight years old when I wrote my first song. It was a song about the wind and the gras and how everything is connected. I am still writing about nature and I am always looking for the connection between events, people, words, sounds. My songs moves through an old fairground, into a corner cafe in Paris, out on a small boat on the Atlantic ocean and back to my childhood playground.

I am inspired by everything.

Life is a beautiful and sometimes confusing thing.

We all have a carousel to ride and a path to follow.

I wish my music can accompany you on yours.

Erlend Mikael Sæverud

- Producer

- Guitars

- Programming

- Backing vocals

Preben Olram

- Bass

- Guitars

- Backing vocals

- Piano

- Guitars

- Backing vocals

Mob: +47 90213321


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